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Starter Bundle
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Starter Bundle
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Make Clean Keto Living Easy.

The Keto Farms Clean Keto Starter Bundle is the easiest way to eat clean, beat cravings, and energize your life with nourishing foods. With this special bundle, you’ll get 3 servings of every Keto Farms product plus one of our new premium stainless mini blenders!

Keto Snack Mix is a ready-to-enjoy mix of low-sugar fruits, savory cheeses, sprouted almonds and sprouted walnuts or pecans. Enjoy a variety pack of sweet Strawberry Gouda, spicy Tomato Pepperjack, AND tangy Raspberry Gouda with this special bundle. 3 bags, 3.3 servings each.

Keto Coffee & Keto Matcha are instant and all-in-one lattes crafted from single-origin coffees, organic ceremonial matcha, Irish grass-fed butter, pure coconut and MCT oils, rBST-free cream, a hint of vanilla and sea salt for electrolytes. Enjoy a variety pack of both clean keto lattes with this special starter bundle. 6 single-serve packets.

Discover the power of clean eating with Keto Farms.

CONTAINS: Dairy (Milk), Tree Nuts (Almonds, Walnuts, Pecans, Coconut)


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Solve your biggest keto challenges.

Solve Breakfast

Replace breakfast in an instant and stay energized longer with nourishing Keto Coffee & Keto Matcha.

Snack Clean

Prepare for life on-the-go with clean keto snacks you can have anytime, and take anywhere.

Feel Your Best

Address common keto nutrient and electrolyte deficiencies while supporting a healthy gut.

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Discover the power of clean eating.

• Keto Snack Mix in 3 flavors
• Keto Coffee & Keto Matcha
• And a free mini blender!

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3 delicious flavors

Keto Snack Mix

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bold, energizing

Keto Coffee

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antioxidant rich

Keto Matcha

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Mini Blender

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