Keto Trail Mix, Bacon Cheddar
Keto Trail Mix, Bacon Cheddar

Keto Trail Mix
Bacon Cheddar

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Keto Trail Mix. Everything you crave.

Keto Trail Mix, Bacon Cheddar packs everything you crave into a crunchy keto snack loaded with mouth-watering bacon flavored almonds, pecans and America’s favorite – cheddar cheese!

Keto Trail Mix was designed from the ground up to solve the biggest challenges low-carb dieters face: clean on-the-go snacks, common nutrient deficiencies and overall gut health.

Keto Trail Mix solves the biggest challenges low-carb dieters face: 

  • Hitting keto macros
  • On-the-go keto snacks
  • Missing crunch in your life!

Experience flavor, nutrition, and irresistible crunch like never before.

15g Fat · 8g Protein · 2g Net Carb per serving

3.5 servings per bag · 3 bags per order


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