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Keto Snack Mix

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Try Keto Snack Mix, Tomato Pepperjack.

Keto Snack Mix, Tomato Pepperjack is a ready-to-enjoy mix of tangy grape tomatoes, spicy pepperjack cheese, sprouted almonds and sprouted walnuts.

Keto Snack Mix was designed from the ground up to solve the biggest challenges low-carb dieters face: clean on-the-go snacks, common nutrient deficiencies and overall gut health.

Experience flavor, nutrition, and irresistible crunch like never before.

12g Fat · 10g Protein · 3g Net Carb


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close your eyes to

Taste a Spicy, Creamy Pasta

And the next bite, a grilled cheese dipped in spicy tomato bisque. These flavors know no limits.

Discover the world’s cleanest snack.

Satisfy cravings without sacrificing your health.

Treat yourself without the carbs or guilt.

Get instant energy anytime, anywhere.

Snack clean with real, nourishing foods.

Carry with you at work, on-the-go, or traveling.

No preparation needed. No mess whatsoever.

with revolutionary

New Snacking Technology

Each fresh, wholesome ingredient transforms into a crunchy bite, preserving 100% the original flavor and nutrition. All the taste with none of the unhealthy additives.

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

4 simple, from-the-earth ingredients deliver flavor, nutrition, and irresistible crunch like no snack ever before.


Grape Tomatoes


Pepperjack Cheese


Sprouted Almonds & Walnuts

not a spicy person?

Try Raspberry Gouda

Close your eyes and imagine a refreshing summer walnut salad.

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