Keto Coffee | Free Trial
Keto Coffee | Free Trial
Keto Coffee | Free Trial
Keto Coffee | Free Trial
Keto Coffee | Free Trial

Keto Coffee | Free Trial

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Be your most energized and productive self with Keto Coffee.

Keto Coffee is an instant fat-fueled coffee made with simple, from-the-Earth ingredients like specialty coffee, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, and pure MCT oil.

Just add hot water and blend for a creamy delicious beverage that will give you hours of clean, lasting energy.

Keto Coffee contains 150 calories, ZERO carbs and is perfect for those on a ketogenic or low-carb diet, or for those trying to live a healthier lifestyle.

You deserve coffee that fuels your mind AND body.

  • Coffee that gives you hours of clean, lasting energy and will put an end to dreaded coffee crashes.

  • Coffee that keeps you nourished, naturally curbs appetite and lasts until a late lunch when the day demands.

  • Coffee that stimulates a ketogenic, fat-adapted state – fueling your mind and body with 10g of MCT.

  • Coffee that’s ready for your busy life and preps in seconds – no measuring spoons, butter sticks, or coconut oil jars required.

  • Coffee that delivers all the creamy decadence of a Starbucks Frappuccino but with ZERO sugar and ZERO guilt.

  • Coffee that’s naturally delicious, and doesn’t have a single drop of additives, sweeteners or shortcuts of any kind.

  • Coffee that’s bursting with flavor from exquisite single-origin African coffees and tasting notes of blackberry jam, caramel, and baking spices.

  • Coffee that’s simple and clean: 7 from-the-Earth ingredients and not a single gram of sugar or carbs.

  • Coffee that delivers when you need it – whether your at home, on-the-go, in the office, or traveling somewhere special.

Taste one cup of Keto Coffee and feel the difference.

While supplies last, we have a special offer for you to try 2 servings of our Keto Coffee for FREE. Opting-in to this trial offer will automatically enroll you into a monthly subscription of our Keto Coffee | 8 pack. If you do not opt-out within 7 days of ordering the free trial subscription, we will bill and ship the monthly subscription at a reduced subscription cost of $28.80 per 8 pack. You will continue to receive and to be charged the same amount for each installment until you cancel, pause, or change your subscription.

Keto Coffee is an instant product.

Combine contents of one packet with 6-8 ounces of hot water and blend or shake to achieve desired strength and consistency. Enjoy hot or iced.

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INGREDIENTS: Coconut Oil Powder, Instant African Coffee Blend (Ethiopia & Kenya), MCT* Oil Powder, Heavy Cream Powder, Grass-Fed Butter Powder, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Extract Powder, Cold Water Sea Salt

*Medium-Chain Triglycerides

CONTAINS: Dairy, Coconut (Tree Nuts)

Free Shipping and Money-Back Guarantee.

We promise you'll love our coffee or your money back.

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the best way to

Start Every Day

Enjoy Keto Coffee alongside eggs and bacon for a hearty keto-approved breakfast or alone as part of an intermittent fast. 

High-Quality Ingredients. From the Earth.

Single Origin Coffees

Straight from the mountains of Kenya and Ethiopia, our specialty coffee blend delivers a bright, bold flavor experience that pairs perfectly with fat. 

Coconut & MCTs

A known superfuel for the keto diet, MCTs process directly in your liver for instant ketone production. The slow-burning energy source our brains were meant to run on.

Butter & Cream

Need we say more? Cow’s milk butter and carb-free heavy cream give our coffee it’s signature creamy finish that will leave you savoring every sip. Everything a latte wishes it was. 


Conveniently Delicious

Single-serve packets deliver you Keto Coffee in seconds, without the mess. Healthy keto living that works on your schedule.

I love it. It's really, really good coffee. Added some cinnamon for a finishing touch. Thx Keto Farms 🙌

Steve, Experiential Marketer

Gives me really consistent energy. Great for my weekend camping trips and during the week at school.

Logan, Photographer