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Our coffee comes from the mountains of Ethiopia and Kenya. These regions are prized for exquisite and flavorful coffees.

When it comes to coffee, Ethiopia is queen and Kenya is king. Ethiopia coffee is refined and delicate, while Kenya is bold and lively. Take one sip and you’ll agree – these coffees are pure royalty.


Limu region, Ethiopia, Africa


Our story begins in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia – the birthplace of coffee. And for its discovery, the world has a young Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi to thank.

As legend has it, Kaldi was out one day tending to his herd. Lost playing his wooden pipe, he noticed his goats were gone. When he finally found them, he couldn’t believe his eyes...

His goats were dancing. They were alive with energy – prancing and skipping like Kaldi had never seen.

He thought they were possessed until he saw them eating bright red berries from a plant with shiny leaves. Kaldi tried a few berries himself. And moments later, he too was dancing with the herd.

Later Kaldi brought his mysterious plant to a local sufi monastery. The monks called it the Devil’s work and cast the plant into the fire.

But when the rich aromas filled the air, the monks knew they had made a mistake. What they had discovered was not the devil’s work. It was the world’s first roasted coffee.

The monks stayed up for hours that night praying in spiritual ecstasy.

Bottom Line

Truth or lore, Ethiopia today produces coffee as rich as its fabled origins. As coffee’s birthplace, it enjoys the best coffee growing conditions in the world – high elevations, plenty of sunshine, and just the right amount of rainfall.

It’s also the 4th most biodiverse place on Earth – you have everything from the soaring pinnacles of the Simien Mountains – the roof of Africa – to the plummeting depths of the Denkali Depressions – the lowest and hottest place on Earth.

Diversity in climate gives diversity in flavor. Ethiopia grows more varieties of coffee than anywhere in the world. It has the widest range of flavors and the most complex flavor profile of any bean.

Our coffee comes from the Limu region in Ethiopia. Coffee here is grown exclusively by smallholder farmers and processed at cooperative washing stations.

Only recently has innovation in pulping technology allowed this region to practice the centuries-old washing techniques that highlight Ethiopia’s bright, floral flavors.

Our Ethiopian coffee scores an 89 on the 100-point coffee grading scale, making it one of the highest-grade specialty coffees on the planet. With notes of citrus, florals, and black tea, it’s the taste of elegance and refinement.


Nyeri region, Kenya, Africa


The other half of our signature coffee blend is grown on the foothills of Mount Kenya.

Kenyan coffee is barely 100 years old – but it too benefits from near-perfect coffee growing conditions and beautiful coffee. From the time French Missionaries first imported coffee from Madagascar, coffee has become a symbol of Kenyan livelihood.

Kenya’s coffee culture is built on hard-work, dedication, and a love for the land. Over 75% of Kenyan coffee production comes from smallholder farmers with less than 5 acres. All coffee berries are hand-harvested and picked only when juicy-red ripe.

It is this local dedication that has produced a culture of quality and artistry. The Kenyans meticulously grade their coffee – and only the highest-quality beans receive a AA rating. From there it is sold on Kenya’s famous coffee auction, the Nairobi Coffee Exchange.

Bottom Line

Our Kenyan coffee hails from Nyeri region on the southern slopes of Mt. Kenya. Grown in rich, volcanic soil, the beans radiate a signature red hue. The soil imparts a flavor and acidity to Kenyan coffee that is unmatched in the coffee world.

Our Kenyan coffee goes through a unique two-step fermentation process that concentrates flavor for a lively, exotic coffee that stays clean with each sip. With tasting notes of blackberry jam, caramel, and baking spices, it’s as bold as it is vibrant.

With each sip of our coffee you’ll experience beans grown in pristine conditions and harvested through a process refined over hundreds of years. Coffee from the origin – descendants from the first beans the world ever enjoyed.

And these are the worldly flavors you can experience in an instant each morning with Keto Coffee.

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