our philosophy

Clean Ingredients. Better Health.

If an ingredient is not unquestionably delicious and healthy from the start...

You don't need to add anything. 

You just haven't looked hard enough.

kenya & ethiopia

Single-Origin Coffees

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kagoshima, japan

Ceremonial Matcha

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Thai Coconut & MCT Oils

Nature’s most energizing food? Yes.

Coconuts are high in special fats called MCTs that help you get into ketosis better than any other known fat.

Coconut oil is rich and slightly sweet – so you get all the flavor and none of the guilt.

Irish Grass-Fed Butter

When cows eat better, you eat better.

Grass-fed butter is higher in Vitamins A, D, and K and heart-healthy Omega 3s.

Look for the signature yellow color – and you’ll know rich flavor and healthy nutrients are just a bite (or sip!) away.

Madagascar Vanilla

How we flavor without sweeteners.

Madagascar vanilla is one the world’s most prized spices – it has over 250 unique flavor compounds.

Loved for it’s rich, creamy flavor, it's the perfect pairing to our nutritious fats.