Our Story

Before Keto, our lives were an endless cycle.

We’d work long days at stressful jobs. Snacks on the hour and a big dinner to reward our hard work and perseverance at day’s end. With morning came a punishing workout to pay for yesterday’s sins. Low on sleep, we’d feel even more stressed. And on it went.

Appetite controlled our life. When hunger struck, no time was sacred. Precious moments with close friends and family were spoiled. We knew something had to change.

When we first heard about the ketogenic diet in late 2016, we were skeptical of the claims from its believers. This was, after all, an obscure diet invented in the 1920’s to cure pediatric epilepsy. “Sustained energy? Mental focus? All while eating cheese and bacon?”

It sounded too good to be true. Turns out it was.

Not because of how we felt (we felt superhumans actually...). But because living the diet was really hard.

One fateful evening we found ourselves at the local Whole Foods – the mecca of all things healthy. We were working together at the time, and counted on salads to save us from those nasty catered office lunches. All we needed was a delicious keto salad dressing we could store in the company fridge. If we could find that, we’d be good for weeks.

How would anyone be able to follow this diet?

Unless you owned your own farm and cooked your days away, managing the diet would eat into your time and paycheck. While we aspired to quit our jobs and tend a farm in the California countryside(seriously!), that wasn’t going to happen with our obligations in the city. Our passion for health was strong, but our busy lifestyles always threatened to get in the way.

So we dreamt of a world where healthy keto living was made possible with convenient products that used only simple, from-the-earth ingredients. Ingredients you know and love. Ingredients you would cook with yourself and can actually pronounce. And no products that sell you on healthy and sneak in sugar. Like most things in life, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. If the food industry wasn’t going to help make exploring keto easier, then we were. And so – Keto Farms was born.

Creating Keto Coffee was our first test.

We had our coffee. We were excited. But our signature product would not be complete without the perfect balance of nutritious, full-flavor fats. Butter was our next frontier. We knew our coffee deserved better than off-the-shelf, grocery store butter. We longed for butter with signature flavor and nutritional qualities – butter from Irish-origin, grass-fed cows. It took many months to find it – but we committed to making no compromises in our search. If it had to wait, it had to wait. Take one sip, and you’ll see why. It’s keto the way it was meant to be – from the Earth.

Our customers love our Keto Coffee, but we’re not stopping there.

We passionately believe the ketogenic diet changes lives and everyone can benefit from healthy keto living. We’re thrilled to have you on this journey with us.

To your health,

Ben & Brandon


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