Our story is your story.

But… let's be honest.

No more Doritos? Cheez Its?!

If you’re like us… that’s bad news!

You don’t want to fall off the wagon...

So when you’re craving your favorite junk food…

Or just want a crunchy snack...

We’re here for you.

We make delicious keto snacks. 

Always with real food.

And filled with big flavor and exciting crunch.

So you can treat yourself.

And feel good along the way.

The Keto Farms Story

So we dreamt of a better world.

A world where keto snacks taste amazing. 

And are made with real food.  

A world where we could snack like kids again – and feel good doing it! 

So we quit our jobs and started Keto Farms with our life savings.

We’re just two dedicated friends.

A small, hard-working business.

On a mission to bring craveable, real food snacks into your hands.

We're Ben & Brandon

We both share passion for community, surfing, travel and above all-else, food!

We believe keto changes lives and we’re excited to be on this journey with you.

To your health,

Ben & Brandon